How to keep your home tidy – how to store and organize all the items in your home?

These days many books show ideas and methods to better organize your house, but often they cannot just be applied in that way. People have different needs and styles for a tidy home.

  • Some people like to have many things around them, but do not know how to best arrange them
  • Some people know they have too many things but are afraid of just throwing good items away
  • Some people know they have too many things but do not know what they actually need

Japanese people grow up with the topic of arranging and optimizing their homes, as houses in Japan are usually much smaller than houses in Europe. It is essential to use the available space in an optimal way. But there is not just one style – everyone does it in an own personal style.

So just reading about how to organize your home is not enough – you need to start and experience it. Organizing your home is something you do good for yourself.

We from mimizu, we are happy to support you in finding your tidying style for your home – you need to do the first step and contact us.

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